Tips For Going On Camping Trips

A Cooking Stove That Is Portable And That Will Double As A Heating Source

by Sherry Mckinney

The prospect of collecting kindling and starting a campfire can be intimidating if you lack experience and haven't been on many overnight camping trips. Wet, windy conditions or dry ones could either hinder a campfire's performance or result in a blaze that is difficult to manage. A collapsible camping stove is a valuable tool that can used to prepare meals and provide your body with warmth.

Choose A Collapsible Stove Model

Collapsible stove models utilize liquid and solid fuel. Choose a stove that requires the fuel source that you will be most comfortable with. Since you are a novice camper, you may not wish to be burdened with excess supplies or messy circumstances. A stove that requires solid fuel tablets may be the model that interests you more. Each fuel tablet will burn efficiently and cleanly and you will only need to bring a lighting implement along with you, to ignite each tablet.

Look for a collapsible camp stove that contains interlocking metal panels. The interlocking feature will prevent the metal panels from coming loose. A stove that comes with portable cookware, cleaning tools, and a waterproof bag will provide you with everything you need to prepare a meal, clean up afterward, and store your stove and accessories.

Determine What Size Will Be Convenient

The size of the stove will be an important factor to contemplate. Are you going to be preparing light meals for yourself or do you plan on going camping with a group of friends and want to cook hearty meals on several occasions?

A larger model will accommodate larger pieces of cookware and will also allow you to create a decent-sized fire that can be used to keep warm, but you will also need to keep in mind that a larger model will weigh more and take up quite a bit of space in your duffel bag. Additionally, you will need to use many fuel tablets during your camping trip.

Practice Using The Stove

After purchahing a collapsible model, use it to prepare a meal. Follow the enclosed diagram during the assembly process. Choose ingredients that are necessary for the meal that you have selected. Pick a recipe that you plan on using during the camping trip. Non-perishable items should be selected, since you probably won't have access to a refrigerator or a cooling unit, during your camping trip.

A meal kit is a product that will allow you to create a basic meal and if you purchase one that comes in a pouch, you won't need to pack plates or bowls. Place a fuel tablet in the metal holder that is located underneath the stovetop. Ignite the tablet and pour water into a pot. Boil the water. After the water has slightly cooled, pour it into the pouch. Stir the ingredients, wait for the contents to thicken, and enjoy the meal.