Tips For Going On Camping Trips

Things To Include In Your Preparedness Medical Kit For A Camping Trip

by Sherry Mckinney

Camping is one of the fun ways to experience the great outdoors. It allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These types of trips are often in remote areas.

When you are in a remote area, it can be difficult to get immediate medical attention. Being in the wilderness also means that you may be too far out of range to make a phone call. If you are planning a camping trip, then it is essential that you prepare for an emergency.

It helps to arm yourself with proper first aid knowledge and look into emergency preparedness medical kits. Read on to find out how to build your preparedness kit for your trip.

Personal Care

Going camping means you are going to be away from the comfort of your home. It helps to have the right supplies to handle any medical issues. You should bring any medications that you and your family members use. This should include over-the-counter pain pills and allergy medications.

You will need supplies for open wounds and tick bites. These supplies should include gauze, rubbing alcohol, bandages, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, tape and small scissors.

Prepare For Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries can occur at any time while out in the wilderness. It is not something you expect to happen, but you should be prepared just in case. This type of injury affects your body's ability to move. Examples of musculoskeletal injuries are bone fractures, whiplash and tendon tear. It helps to bring triangular bandages, aluminum foam splints and compression wrap to accommodate these injuries.

Stock Up On Over-The-Counter-Medications

It is important to be prepared for anything. If you have acid reflux, then you could get an upset stomach at any time. On the other hand, you could get diarrhea from eating a certain food. The point is to be prepared for any type of medical issue. To accommodate these type of medical emergencies, you want to include antibiotic cream, antihistamines and gastrointestinal medications.

Individual Items To Have On Hand

There are certain things everyone who is going on the trip should have on their body. The type of items depends on the location of the trip. These items should include a cellphone, battery pack, charger, aloe, lip balm, sunscreen, insect repellent and personal medication.

Camping allows you to spend time with your family and enjoy being in nature. However, you should not leave home without a prepared kit. You can find a more complete list for survival kits at the Red Cross.

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